2016 & 2018 Australian Club Of The Year




I would like to thank all members for the great efforts on the first two club rounds back. The first club round was definitely challenging “it’s going offshore” which it eventually did and it was pumping but not without a crazy day of heavy rain and howling Northerlies.

The second round back to back was a different story with one of the best comps, awesome vibes and pumping waves to known date.

Massive congratulations to the junior members who qualified through the Havaianas NSW Grommet titles making up the 2020 NSW Junior Team.


1. COVID  


·       LEBA COVID Safety plan to be followed by all members at event

·       1 parent per child for supervision during event

·       High vis vest COVID marshal – Jake

·       QR code sign in mandatory for everyone to register at the event.

·       COVID signage present at event, please follow guidelines.


2. Code of Conduct and Bullying

There has been complaints made about bullying and fight clubs at the Little LEBA events, if members are found to be involved in this behaviour the process outlined below will follow.


Outcome as a result.

·       Verbal Warning.

·       Written warning, depending on severity, suspension from club rounds will be incurred.


We need to ensure that we are creating a safe environment for all members, the older members of the event should be looking after and mentoring the younger ones, I please ask all parents to be more vigilant with supervision and encourage positive behaviour.



Additional control measures


·       Planned activities and games for kids during downtime – soccer, footy, cricket with a parent umpire.

·       More parent supervision in general.


3. Little LEBA using Live heats

·       TXT to go out to Little LEBA members, must be registered by 5pm Friday heats drawn at 7pm

·       Beezo, Tony, Jonny Harps and Crispy will assist with the next event using live heats.

Comp. will be run via live heat as whole individual divisions (entire division will be run from start to finish before moving onto the next division) – Turn up, Blow Up, Leave.


5.  3 hour “ASK” mental health and awareness program with Steve Carrig and Trent Chapman.

Pencilled in for 12th September 2020, run on behalf of LEBA but open to anybody especially for those that were close to “Hosko”

Running of the event around COVID to be discussed with organisers involved.

Meet down the beach casual surf comp. for ALL participants prior to the “ASK” program.

Possibility of the date to be pushed back.


6. Trauma Training

Parko can do the trauma training possibly get a sponsor for the tourniquets.

Tony will lock in a date with Parko and will advise at next month’s committee meeting.


8. A reach out to club members who have businesses to sponsor event competition flags, in exchange for their Logo to be on the flags.


8.  Designated comps to specific sponsors for next year.


9. Youth Representative  – (Expressions of interest) – Assists in arranging activities

A Youth Representative is a crucial role for any club. It means that the Club Committee gain genuine feedback from a young perspective and from its junior members. A Youth Representative also encourages junior members to become young leaders in the club; training and giving them responsibilities to assist in coaching and club events.







Club Round Requirements next page:



Round Requirements


Site requirements:

·       Judging tent barricaded

·       Only required judges and organisers in tent

·       Separate entry and exit point with wash in wash out stations.

·       NO BBQ

·       Contact/advise council


Competitor Requirements:

·       Competitors must have entered via live heats by 5pm Friday, heats drawn at 7pm (no entries on the day)

·       Social distancing 1.5m

·       Turn up, Surf, Judge, Leave

·       Sanitise hands before entering judging tent.

Check that the trailer is serviceable and items within the trailer.

·       Rashies as clean and washed

·       DeFIB and first aid kit stocked tourniquet included

·       Petrol for Generator

·       Sanitiser for hands before entering judging tent

·       Computers and battery charged











If there are updates or targeted opportunities or updates for next meeting please email a summarised or dot point email of them for inclusion the regular meeting so that we can run on time when we are all together.


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